Saturday, December 9, 2006

New blog for Harry Potter and Torah

After years of work, Harry Potter and Torah is now published and for sale through the publisher, Lulu. In a month or so it will be available at other on-line bookstores.

Harry Potter and Torah is a collection of Jewish Torah insights related to themes from the Harry Potter series. All are based fully on traditional Jewish scholarship, but are written to relate to the Harry Potter series. You can take a look at the sample chapter, on the book's home page, to see what I mean.

I'll be using this blog to answer questions and give additional information about the book. Feel free to repond to messages on this blog with any questions or comments.


Anonymous said...

The idea for the cover with the switching letters from the harry potter to torah is very clever.
how did you come up with that?
by yourself?

Bruce Krulwich said...

Tom's question about the letter scheme on the book cover is answered in this blog message.

Thanks for asking -- it's good to know what kinds of things people are thinking about!