Saturday, April 7, 2007

The seventh day of Passover: In the merit of Joseph's magical protection

Hi everyone, I hope you all had fun and meaningful Passover seders.

Sunday night and Monday is the seventh day of Passover (along with Monday night and Tuesday for those of you outside of Israel). Besides being a YomTov holiday day, the seventh day of Passover commemorates the splitting of the sea, which happened a week after the Exodus from Egypt itself.

As I discussed at length in Harry Potter and Torah, the splitting of the sea is discussed by the Talmud as happening in the merit of Joseph, whose bones were being carried by the Jews for reburial in Israel. This is because Joseph earned magical protection by resisting temptation when he first arrived in Egypt. Click here for a previous blog message where I discuss this in more detail.

The splitting of the sea is also another example of magic wands in the Torah, since Moses was instructed by G-d to split the sea miraculously by raising his staff over the sea. This is discussed in depth in the book.

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