Sunday, October 19, 2008

Starting the new Torah cycle

If you haven't bought Harry Potter and Torah, now's the time!

We're about to start the new cycle of Torah portions back at Bereisheet (Genesis), and Harry Potter and Torah has chapters for every Torah portion in Bereisheet, along with many throughout the rest of the Torah. So you can have Harry Potter perspectives for every week's Torah portion!

Below is the full table of contents. Click here to buy it now!

  1. In the Beginning There Were Magic Words
  2. Talking Snakes and Human Souls
  3. Day of Rest, Day of Magic
  4. Noah's Care of Magical Creatures
  5. Owl post, Raven post, and dove post
  6. Ghosts and curtains
  7. Mudbloods, Moabites, and Moshiach
  8. Whomping Willows & Monotheistic Maples
  9. Everyday Magic, Everyday Miracles
  10. Nicolas Flamel and the Children of Ketura
  11. When One Rises, the Other Will Fall
  12. Destiny and Decisions
  13. Magic Wands
  14. Go to the Hippogriff, thy Sluggard
  15. Creating Bodies
  16. Rights of Magical Creatures
  17. Dreams: Divination or Digestion?
  18. Everything Happens for a Reason
  19. We are as Strong as we are United
  20. Magic Shows: Kosher Fun or Idolatry?
  21. Magical Protection

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