Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Facing the truth -- what would you do?

All through Order of the Phoenix, Harry and Dumbeldore and the others have a very hard time conveying to others the truth of Voldemort's return.

This is a situation that we all can understand - sometimes the truth is so scary that a lot of people would prefer to ignore it.

I believe that this is exactly what's going on right now in Israel. Even as most governments of the world, even some Arab governments, are supporting Israel's need to defend its citizens against years of terror, others (especially the media) are refusing to accept the reality of Palestinian terror.

The video clip below conveys the point very well. Hopefully, if the world can realize the truth, we can find a way forward from there that will succeed in bringing true peace, peace without terror.


Anonymous said...

Beware of those who hold the truth. Me, I prefer life. I'm willing to accept your truth as yours, Hannia's truth as his, as long as we can all find a way to not kill each other.

I don't even pretend to have an answer to what we *should* do. But two things I know: the people of the Negev have a right to live their life in peace, and that right cannot be paid for by the blood of Palestinian children. Its simple, whatever you do - there are things you DO NOT DO.

According to, there are over 1,000 road accidents involving casualties in Israel every months. Over 1,000 every month. Every months more that the victims of Palestinian terrorism in 10 years. Do you propose we start shooting drunk drivers?

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Unknown said...

Another similar video: