Monday, March 30, 2009

Harry Potter ideas for the Passover Seder

I was talking to a friend about the Passover Seder, and he mentioned that the 4 houses in Harry Potter can parallel the 4 sons in the Passover Seder. Or maybe the 4 cups. Or maybe the 4 phrases of redemption.

I'll post more between now and Passover about this and other ideas, but I want to open up a question to blog readers: Where else do you see Harry Potter ideas in the Passover Seder? Leave comments below, or e-mail me at I'll then post a complete list here, and we can all add some more Harry Potter to our Seders!


Anonymous said...

Harry's scar and Moshe's burnt tongue.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate Harry Potter Seder videos:

There's the full story of the exodus, Harry Potter reading The Four Questions, The Ten Commandments, and a Harry Potter version of the plagues.