Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jewish Horcruxes (from a Rabbi in Connecticut)

I came across the following MP3 recording of a sermon by Rabbi Daniel Cohen in Stamford CT, titled Harry Potter and the Jewish Horcrux, that I thought I'd link here:

I've always been sure that there were Jewish sources about soul-splitting. I'm still looking into the sources that Rabbi Cohen quotes - I'll post more if I find more ideas relevant to Harry Potter.

Enjoy! Comments welcome as always.


Esser Agaroth said...

But what I REALLY want to know is if Anthony Goldstein is Jewish al pi halacha.

What's the heksher at Honeyduke's?

Is magic considered melacha on Shabbos? What about for the purposes of bishul and hotza'ah b'yom tov?

Bruce Krulwich said...

Regarding whether magic is considered Melacha on Shabbos, see the chapter titled "Day of Rest, Day of Magic" in Harry Potter and Torah, where this is discussed in depth based on Jewish sources. This is also discussed in my blog message here.